Friday, September 14, 2012

IBM Mobile Database for Android

Today IBM Mobile Database – the new database offering for Android mobile devices – went GA. IBM Mobile Database offers a tight integration between a customer’s mobile solution and their existing DB2 or Informix environment. It is being offered as a free-of-charge web download.

The new offering makes it easier for mobile developers to develop and assemble applications for Android devices. Together with the solidDB offering, IBM Mobile Database provides the capability to synchronize data with DB2 and Informix databases.

Mobile, but fit for the Enterprise

The major highlights include:

  • 6 MB footprint, in-memory database to fit on mobile devices
  • Full-featured relational DB with standard SQL API, procedures, triggers
  • Fast and reliable access to enterprise data offline
  • Enterprise level data security
  • Persistent data storage and Automatic recovery
  • Transactional storage also during connection loss
  • Built-in replication capabilities allowing synchronization with IBM databases
  • Flexible options such as partitioning data or creating views to customize data for each device or user

What Android mobile app would you build to put these features to good use?