Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enabling UJS in Rails3 with jQuery: in just 3 steps!

Here is my approach to quickly enabling Unobtrusive Javascript support for your Rails application, using jQuery:

  1. Create a Rails application without Prototype support
  2. Edit your config/application.rb to include the latest jQuery and the Rails UJS adapter for jQuery:

    Update (May 4th) for jQuery 1.6:
  3. ...oh, I said 3 steps, right!
    Just continue building your application; here's an example: YouTube-like-comments.


  1. Or...

    1. put 'jquery-rails' in your Gemfile
    2. run 'bundle install'
    3. run 'rails g jquery:install'

    Tip you can pass --ui to the generator command to install jquery-ui too.

    Yes, this are 3 steps and you cheat to make it in two (1.5- Download rails ujs adapter for jquery)

    I like this approach better.

  2. He he, thanks for the tip! ;o)